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Physician/Medical Informaticist

Focus of Interest: Healthcare Information Technology (HIT)


Talented, astute, and experienced Medical Doctor with Pediatric specialty and 30 years’ experience in clinical practice, healthcare information technology, administration, business management, and consultation. Recognized as a Healthcare Information Technology expert with 25 years’ seasoned experience as a physician informaticist, HIT implementation strategist/tactician, physician adoption specialist, practice workflow transformation and reengineer, vendor exhibitor, EHR product consultant, training curriculum developer, and clinical content development consultant to HIT companies and health care organizations. With courses in Masters in Business Administration and with successful entrepreneurial experience in small niche business ventures. Highly experienced and skilled in clinical software technology innovation.


Expertise in all aspects of clinical transformation to EHR; including governance direction, change management, physician adoption, operational process redesign and standardization, workflow reengineering, order set design/build, physician and clinical staff end-user training curriculum and delivery, go-live support, and optimization, Meaningful Use, PCMH, ICD-10.

Experience with various HIT vendor applications including athenaClinicals, Allscripts Enterprise EHR, Cerner, Allscripts SCM, and JMJ Technologies’ EncounterPro.

Interest in and passion for developing and implementing clinical, operational, and administrative “added value” features of clinical software applications.

Able to establish and maintain relationship with all levels of professionals.

Passion for, interest in, and experience with clinical terminology products including SNOMED, MEDCIN, and LOINC and their use and application to medical informatics.

Expert in all aspects of ambulatory EHR implementation.

Specialize in strategic and structural contributions to clinical content and physician documentation strategies.

Detail oriented with superior interpersonal and communication skills, both written and oral.

New business launch and development background.

Works collaboratively or independently with outstanding results.

Hands-on manager, with high energy level and creativity.



Clinovations, an Advisory Board Company§ Washington D.C.

Medical Manager
Dec 2014-Current

Medical Manager and consulting team member with Clinovations, an Advisory Board Company (ABC). We are a clinically oriented strategic healthcare and management consulting company based in Washington, DC.

Leader, manager, and team member in project based engagements during which we provided HIT and EHR implementation strategy and planning, go-live support and stabilization, optimization and ongoing clinical/financial/operational value to ambulatory and acute health care organizations.

Successfully led the clinical aspects of the athenaHealth EHR implementation for the newly formed New York Presbyterian Medical Group, The project included the design, build, training, go-live preparation, go-live support, stabilization, and optimization of the athenaHealth EHR for the multispecialty medical group practices.

Successfully led the athenaHealth EHR implementation and onboarding of multiple specialty practices, including Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Neurology, and Plastic Surgery at Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs, CO. The project included the design, build, training, go-live preparation, go-live support, stabilization, and optimization of the athenaHealth EHR for the practices.

Successfully established workflow design and build strategies for 3 different EHR’s (athenaHealth, eClinicalWorks, and Allscripts Pro in support of efficient capturing of coded clinical service data for ACO quality measure reporting. The project was in partnership with ABC’s Crimson Performance Technology team.

Successfully provided physician centric adoption support for a multi-specialty physician group using athenaHealth EHR. Focused on standardization of practice workflows, design and build of specialty specific clinical content and implementation of clinical documentation strategies, and stabilization and optimization of the EHR implementation.

Successfully led a comprehensive onsite engagement providing full cycle athenaClinicals implementation and optimization for a multi-site and multi-specialty physician group.

Superior expertise with the athenaHealth suite of ambulatory EHR applications.

Deep experience with all aspects of the ambulatory EHR implementation life-cycle.

Clinovations§ Seattle, WA and Washington D.C.

Medical Manager (Project/Virtual/Remote/Travel position)
May 2013-Dec 2014
Medical Manager and consulting team member with Clinovations.

Successfully provided HIT and EHR implementation strategy and planning, go-live support and stabilization, optimization and ongoing clinical/financial/operational value to ambulatory and acute health care organizations.

Projects include multiple comprehensive onsite leadership engagements providing athenaClinicals implementation and optimization for several multi-site and multi-specialty physician groups.

Onsite support of Cerner physician adoption at a large multi-site hospital system in Washington D.C.

Senior Advisory Physician Consultant/Informaticist § Seattle, WA

Senior Advisory Physician Consultant/Informaticist (Project/Virtual/Remote/Travel position)
jan 2005-Current
Independent Senior Consultant

Project based Physician Informaticist with focus on ambulatory EHR implementations.

Engagements include: athenaClinicals implementation for a multi-site and multi-specialty physician group with Clinovations, onsite support of Cerner physician adoption with Clinovations, physician adoption and optimization of athenaClinicals with Clinovations, utilization and optimization analysis of workflows and clinical documentation strategies at Colorado Springs Health Partners with CTG, onsite training/support/optimization engagement at JSA Healthcare in Orlando, FL with Elkins Consulting Group; onsite training/support/optimization and clinical documentation strategy development engagements at Ellis Medicine (Albany, NY), Capital Care Medical Group (Albany, NY), and Pronger Smith Medical Care (Chicago, IL) with ImplementHIT; team lead on Allscripts Enterprise EHR v.11 specialty content strategy development/implementation/adoption across a national multi-site and multi-specialty organization

Northwest Hospital and medical center § Seattle, WA

Medical Informatics Officer (Project/Virtual/Remote/Travel position)
Aug 2010-Sept 2011
Leader of the Ambulatory EMR team tasked with the analysis of current provider adoption issue in support of Allscripts Enterprise EHR version 11 project

Comprehensive optimization of enterprise ambulatory EHR

Focus on provider adoption issues, improved workflow strategies, clinical content development and individual provider optimization of the clinical documentation and clinical workflow strategies

St. Vincent Health §Indianapolis, IN

Physician Informaticist (Project/Virtual/Remote/Travel position)
Feb 2009-July 2010
Member of the Ambulatory EMR team tasked with the roll out and onsite go-live support of Allscripts Enterprise EHR version 10 and upgrade to version 11 for a large multi-specialty medical group at St. Vincent’s Health in Indianapolis.

Focus on enterprise and individual provider adoption strategies, clinical content development and individual provider go-live support and optimization of the clinical documentation and clinical workflow strategies using v.10 and v.11 Note modules.

Integral part of the development and implementation of the strategy for upgrade and go-live support for the roll out of multiple Allscripts version 11 EHR modules to the providers and staff medical group.

Covenant Medical Group §Lubbock, TX

Physician Informaticist (Project/Virtual/Remote/Travel position)
Nov 2007-Feb 2009
Member of the Ambulatory EMR team tasked with the roll out of Allscripts Enterprise EHR solution to a 200 physician multi-specialty group.

Focus on enterprise and individual provider clinical content development, physician documentation, and clinical workflow strategies using the Allscripts Note tools (version 10 and version 11)

Integral part of the 3-D strategy with roll out of multiple Touchworks modules to the medical group.

Eclipsys Corporation § Boca Raton, FL

Physician Informaticist (Project/Virtual/Remote/Travel position)
Jan 2007-Oct 2007
Improved physician documentation strategies and clinical content for the ambulatory care offering.

Worked closely with the Eclipsys India team to build and configure the OB/Gyn, Cardiology, and Pediatric starter set physician documentation templates included in the Ambulatory Clinical Manager product.

Assisted with KBC testing and involved in SNOMED clinical terminology coding implementation for clinical content.

Contributed in identification of suitable content to be included in the templates; organized the content within the application; validated and tested the content and the template; and prepared the packages for general availability.

Allscripts, Inc. § Chicago, IL

Physician Informaticist (Project/Virtual/Remote/Travel position)
Jan 2006 – Feb 2007
Member of the physician informatics team that developed the clinical content and physician documentation strategies for new Touchworks EHR version.

Developed specialty specific clinical content to be used in the new released ambulatory Touchworks version 11 product.

HealthRight, Inc. § Salt lake City, UT

Physician Consultant (Project/Virtual/Remote/Travel position)
July 2005 – July 2006
HealthRight Inc. created the first web-based Personal Health Record (PHR) application that utilized decision-support technology to drive patient-specific health information to consumer.

Involved in a team responsible for development of a web-based personal health record.

Concentrated on the clinical content development of a core person health record from which the lay user at home could develop their personal health record through a web-based application.

Utilized a SNOMED centric approach to plan a strategy and process to assist the user to find, choose and record their health information.

First Physicians Services, P.A. § Lubbock, TX

Director, Owner and Principal
1995 – 2006
Provided administrative, clinical and contract services to different regional agencies including Sunrise Canyon Hospital, Medical Director for Substance Abuse Services at Lubbock Regional MHMR Center, and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (Correctional Managed Care Division).

Started, established, and grew a private pediatric practice into a well-respected regional pediatric service center.

Researched, planned, integrated, implemented, and utilized JMJ Technologies’ EncounterPro in one of the first truly paperless pediatric practices.

Managed Care Center for Addictive and Other Disorders

Medical Director
1993- 2003
Assisted with the clinical and administrative planning for a new service organization.

Provided ongoing clinical, administrative, and quality improvement services to inpatient and outpatient substance abuse detox and treatment center.


Texas Medical Board, Administrative Medicine, License # J7350
active, current


Owner and Principal, The Groundskeeper § Lubbock, TX
2004 – 2006
Staff Physician, La Hacienda Treatment Center § Hunt, TX
Contract Emergency Room Physician, Various Emergency Rooms/Centers
1995 – 2003
Pediatrician, Pediatric Associates of Lubbock
1995 – 2002
Vice President, West Texas Developmental Pediatric and Behavioral Health Network
1999 – 2001
Medical Director, Cheers School Based Clinic
1996 – 2001
Pediatric Clinic Physician, Methodist Women and Children’s Clinic, Lubbock, TX
1995 – 1996


M.B.A. Program (3.5 GPA) § Texas Tech University Rawls College of Business, Lubbock, TX
2005 – Current
Medical Doctor (3.0 GPA) § University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Dallas TX
1987 – 1992
B.S. in Biology (4.0 GPA) § St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, TX
1985 – 1987; Magna cum Laude
Major in Chemistry (3.5 GPA) § University of Houston, Houston, TX
1983 – 1985
Major in Biology (3.8 GPA) § Spring Hill College, Mobile, AL
1980 – 1982


Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics 1997
Board Certification, American Board of Pediatrics 1997
Pediatric Resident § Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Lubbock, TX
1994 – 1996
Internal Medicine Resident § Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Lubbock, TX
1993 – 1994
Internal Medicine Internship § Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Lubbock, TX
1992 – 1993


President of Medical Staff § Sunrise Canyon Hospital, Lubbock, TX
2003 – 2004
Pediatric Advisor § UMC Home Health Company

Clinical and Administrative Services for a Regional Home Health Agency
1999 – 2001
Pediatric Programs Director § Warm Springs Rehabilitation Center
1999 – 2000
Medical Advisor § Slaton Independent School District
1999 – 2001
Medical Advisor § Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District
1998 – 2001
District Coordinator § Texas Medicine Assn. Committee on Physician Health & Rehabilitation
1996 – 1999

  • On Being a Doctor

To Respond Always

May 30th … graduation day at last. The ceremony was moved inside at the last minute because of rain. The exercises began with the speaker’s suggestion to find a niche in medicine for which we had a passion. Her passion for her own work was evident, encouraging. The candidates were presented. We became doctors, our degree stating, “… with all the rights, privileges and honors, as well as the obligations and responsibilities …” “Responsibilities” grabbed me. While we were reciting the Physician’s Oath, I heard it again: “to respond always.” Benediction … recessional … then the search through the crowd to find my family. After accepting their congratulations, my wife and I excused ourselves to pick up our young children from a friend’s house. On the way, we were talking about the events of the evening when we passed several stopped vehicles. My wife said, “Someone’s down!”

I ran to the scene to find a young Asian man face down in the street. He wore no shirt, no shoes, and blood was everywhere. His only movement was a slight rhythmic head nod; he silently gasped for air. The people standing around did nothing but stare. I knelt beside him; there was no pulse, no respiration.

Instinctively, I knew what to do. I asked for help. The only response was, “Don’t move him.” Although it felt strange, I said, “I’m a doctor.” While turning him over, I was nauseated by the smell of stale beer and fresh blood.


His jaw was shattered. I removed several teeth while attempting to clear his airway. I wiped as much of the blood from his mouth and face as I could. I knew the next step was to establish breathing, but I had no mask.

Blood. AIDS. Hepatitis.

I recalled the lifesaving instructor at Boy Scout camp saying, “When saving a life, the most important life is your own.” I stared at this man, knowing that mouth-to-mouth was his only chance. Again I wiped his face, but blood still oozed from his mouth.

I was relieved when the emergency medical service arrived soon after. They began cardiopulmonary resuscitation with gloved hands and a bag-mask. They quickly loaded him into the ambulance and were working on him while I watched. Feeling helpless and confused, I got back in my car and wiped my hands with every baby-wipe I could find. We left quietly to retrieve our children. On the way back, we passed the still blocked off area and I slowed, trying to see if the blood was still on the ground. The pavement had been washed by the steady drizzle. There was no sign of where that young man had fallen.

Over the next few days I struggled with my response to those events. Was I irresponsible in not starting mouth-to-mouth immediately? What if he had been dressed in coat and tie? Was I fulfilling the responsibility demanded of me? Was I upholding the Physician’s Oath? I questioned my actions, sought the advice of more experienced physicians, and asked several people what they would have done.

I am still confused about what happened that night, but I do know a little more about what responsibility means. That young man lay dying in the middle of the street and I had stopped. Although I had been trained for emergencies, that became superfluous in the events of that night. I had routinely helped resuscitate trauma victims in the emergency room of Parkland Memorial Hospital. In the middle of a wet street, kneeling in the blood of a dying man, I felt what responsibility means. I have spent many hours trying to put into words the tumult of emotions I experienced while caring for my first patient as a doctor. I can say that caring for people no longer seems routine. I also believe that responsibility has much to do with living the Physician’s Oath, which states in part “to approach each patient with integrity, candor, empathy and respect” and “to remain conscious of my limitations.”This was quite a beginning, especially after taking “responsibility” so seriously. I am a doctor; that seems to be the easy part. Becoming a physician and living the Oath is the real challenge. While our commencement speaker encouraged us to find something worthwhile for which we had a passion, I had wondered if I would find mine. I believe I have.

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